Side Effects of Coronavirus? I want deeper…


Side effects of coronavirus do not occur in the genitals. The virus itself does not cause complications on the genitals. This fact was proved by a group of scientists from Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA).

It has long been proven that masturbation increases the white blood cell count. In turn, leukocytes help the body resist viruses. It is especially relevant today – to the coronavirus. But here it is important to control and not go beyond the quantity and quality of masturbation per day.

Female masturbation during self-isolation is very popular. Unlike male masturbation, female masturbation carries additional risks. In other words, accidental nail contact with the walls of the vagina can be painful. As a result, this type of manual stimulation of the vagina is not pleasant for all women.

But our heroine cannot be stopped. First, she hasn’t had sex for a long time. Secondly, she loves to play with various anal toys. Third, she really enjoys masturbation. Fourth, this is definitely not a side effect of the crown.

Girls, do you like to masturbate? Guys, do you like to look at girls who masturbate? Write in the comments. Everyone is very interested and curious;) Or do you still think that these are side effects of coronavirus?

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