Sex with stepsister during self-isolation


Nikita was the first time Sex with stepsister. It was the summer of that very 2020. A strict lockdown was introduced in the country and the family from Moscow moved to a large country house. Each had his own room, so everyone had fun and rest as best he could. The first month passed calmly, but then it began …

Sister and brother could not live without sex. Simple viewing porn is already tired. I wanted something new, something unforgettable. While their mother went to the grocery store, the brother decided to check what his half-sister was doing. The door to the room was open, going to the door, Nikita heard groans. It looks like my sister was masturbating to a new video that just came out on the best porn site Fortunately, the site has many interesting video clips that are completely free.

Sex with stepsister a secret from mom

I really want sex with my half-sister, – thought Nikita and boldly entered the room. Sister saw his half-brother very much frightened. She kept repeating ‘Please don’t tell Mom, please don’t tell Mom’, I will fulfill any of your wishes. And this is an idea, after all, because of the quarantine, we haven’t had sex for a long time. Sister, keep fondling yourself further, I won’t tell Mom anything – Nikita answered.

As a result of not long caresses, the Brother put his half-sister in cancer. Her ass and boobs were good, so she didn’t have to do a blowjob for arousal. In a matter of minutes, Nikita entered his sister’s wet pussy with his hot penis. The little sister really liked sex. It was the long-awaited 6 minutes of sex that they really missed. Nikita didn’t want to cum in his little sister, but finished on a gorgeous ass. Summing up, we can safely say that the first sex went perfectly well. Perhaps Nikita will come again tomorrow, because there is strong compromising evidence for Mom. But that will be a completely different story.

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  1. Отличный станок!!!! Я бы вдул однозначно 😉

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