Distance learning without exams in Japanese


The long-awaited distance learning with elements of porn. Japan quickly came out of quarantine, but colleges and institutes continued to operate on distance learning. It’s no secret that Japanese girls are very sexy and beautiful. This is what a Japanese university student decided to take advantage of. It was an ordinary day, but not an ordinary biology lesson.

She had sex with a biology teacher for the first time. During the lesson, the girl realized that she would not pass the exams. Have to have sex with the teacher and stop distance learning. Without hesitation, she began to passionately caress herself in front of the teacher. At first, the teacher was a little confused and did not know what to do. After all, another student from a parallel stream studied with them. In the end, the girl undressed and the teacher sent the second student home. They were left alone in the apartment.

The next 30 minutes were the best of the teacher’s life. The girl knew a lot about caresses and sex. Therefore, everything was very passionate and beautiful. Licking the nipples, she aroused him to madness. Warming herself up after the Cooney, she jumped on his hot cock. While in quarantine, they did not have sex for a long time. Such long abstinence could not be tolerated. Therefore, sex with the teacher turned out to be 5+ and the exam was passed.

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