Delicious sperm as a means of vaccination against Covid-19


Delicious sperm is rare. Often, it depends on the diet and lifestyle. At the same time, it is important to combine all these components. It is practically impossible to achieve a sharp effect of goodness. But if you follow the recommendations for several months, the effect will be noticeable. Firstly, these are pineapple juices, protein shakes, cocktails with nuts. Secondly, these are fruits containing a large amount of sugar. Thirdly, it is an active lifestyle and proper nutrition.

Bitter semen as a result of overuse of spicy, oily, garlic, strong coffee and black tea. A sedentary lifestyle, synthetic underwear, and drinking a lot of alcohol lead to bad semen smell.

The heroine of the video knew what to do to get delicious sperm. During quarantine and self-isolation, a neighbor came to her neighbor every morning. Together they watched the video on the porn portal «Sex in Quarantine». Every morning, I fed him plenty of fruit. The main diet is citrus fruits, mangoes, grapes, fruit drink, celery and parsley. But the most important ingredient was pineapple juice. Therefore, a neighbor brought a liter of pineapple juice for dinner.

The neighbor knew that sperm was good for girls. In particular, it is good for the skin. The semen contains a large amount of minerals, vitamins, amino acids. Which have a very positive effect on the quality and color of the skin. Plus, semen helps prevent depression in women. Studies have shown that girls who have sex without a condom are less prone to depression and stress.

Girls, does your partner have tasty sperm? Write in the comment 😉

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