24/7 sex. Couple from Kazakhstan breaks all records


This young couple from Kazakhstan has 24/7 sex as usual. A Th? Normal, funny guys who wanted to earn some money and fuck on camera around the clock. In quarantine, many were left without work or simply stay at home in self-isolation. In masks, gloves, rubbing from head to toe with an antiseptic. But this is not about our guys.

24/7 sex, fun, good mood are the main guarantee of this couple from Kazakhstan. Have sex, smoke, eat, fuck, smoke … and so all day in a circle. The guys not only laugh at the camera, but also fulfill all the requests from the webcam chat of their subscribers.

The morning begins with watching your favorite porn videos on the site https://sex-in-quarantine.com/. Where you can see incredible, funny and useful video materials from the lives of people during the Covid-19 pandemic. After watching the lectures, the guys move on to practice.

A varied number of poses, and crustacean and in the ass and blowjob and polysushki. Thus, the day in lockdown does not go noticeably … Would you like to do the same?

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