Sex in the conditions of Covid-19 quarantine in different countries of the world

How it all began

The coronavirus pandemic has affected and changed the lives of almost every inhabitant of our planet. Changes have taken place in the sexual life of people. Married couples who previously lived life «all day at work, tired, tired, I don't want sex» during the period of self-isolation and lockdown began to spend more time together. Daily sex has become commonplace for them.

If we talk about lovers and single people without a permanent partner for sex, but here the situation is very sad. Not all people can survive 2-3 weeks without sex. Sex shops, webcam chats and the well-known Pornohub came to meet them.

The situation in reality

But a person will get out of any difficult situation. The ingenuity of some is commendable. Someone had sex in suits, someone gave a blowjob in a mask, someone, under the guise of vaccination, asked a nurse to jerk off to him in latex gloves.

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Facts 2020 - 2021 in numbers

On the 77% increase in the number of views of porn movies On the 45% sales in sex shops increased by On the 75% the number of web models online increased by On the 68% the number of intercourse in families increased by On the 4% the birth rate of the population in the world increased by On the 100% improved mood after watching our porn movies

How to live further?

Have sex, increase fertility, wear masks, wash your hands, maintain a healthy lifestyle, go for a walk in the fresh air and everything will be fine! But have sex more often 😉